In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)

IVMS Services & Software

Northpoint Fleet Management has developed comprehensive IVMS reporting solution software to suit any business that uses vehicle tracking systems.  The volume of data that an IVMS produces is extraordinary and the task of creating a meaningful and concise set of management reports can seem impossible.

Our expertise in IVMS, gained over the last 10 years, stems from the initial research we conducted into IVMS suppliers for Santos Ltd, the full scale roll out of IVMS in the Cooper Basin, Moomba, South West Queensland, Port Bonython, Mereenie, New South Wales, Victoria, Patricia Baleen & Eastern Queensland, the development of the Exception Reporting rules & zones and most recently, the online dashboard management tools.

Northpoint is undoubtedly a leader in the IVMS IVMS Softwareindustry for extracting the maximum return on your investment for your In Vehicle Monitoring System (also referred to as vehicle tracking systems or GPS tracking systems).

Our services are utilised by BHP Billiton (Olympic Dam), Santos Ltd, associated contractors and other corporate clients to maintain strict compliance with Santos Health and Safety Hazard Standard - HSHS02 “Land Transportation.

We can assist your business in a number of ways from the most basic of options to a complete IVMS management solution. You can have the IVMS working for you without you having to work at it every day, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.




IVMS Fleet drivers report


IVMS Map Exception Report

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Summary of Services Available

Northpoint Complete IVMS Management Service

Companies that just don’t have the time and resources to manage their IVMS may elect to use our complete “IVMS Management Service”.

Northpoint Reports Bureau Service (Driver Only)

 This is specifically applicable to companies who have employees working in remote locations but do not have their own vehicles fitted with IVMS.

Northpoint Exception Rules

There are over 50 of these rules which are continually maintained and updated to suit Santos compliance for your convenience. They all have specific tolerances and conditions that have been established to provide the most accurate and meaningful exception report results.
This Service is available to all users for an annual fee paid in advance and is determined by the number of vehicles in your fleet, reviewed annually.

Other services include:

  • Database Management (Vehicles & Devices)
  • Driver & Key Management (Maintenance)
  • Accident Investigation
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Utilisation Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reports

IVMS Dashboard

We have developed a comprehensive, graphical Dashboard for the purposes of summarising your total employee driving behaviour.  

The dashboard resides on your PC (or as many PC’s as you like) and the data is available to automatically update it each week via our secure server.  

This Bureau option is ideal for those companies that wish to receive specific reports and services, each and every week/month, without utilising their own resources or personnel.




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