Fleet Management

Northpoint can develop a total Fleet Management System incorporating:

•    Fleet Vehicle administration 
•    Vehicle preparation and supply 
•    On-site maintenance with skilled labour 
•    Fleet utilisation 
•    Access to our online Fleet Software & Reporting system
•    Vehicle reconditioning and disposal
•    Structured audit and reporting process
•    Fleet Tyre Management Program
•    Consolidated Monthly Invoice
•    Real time fleet management information

Northpoint has successfully applied this Fleet Management System for over 18 years and has been successful in fulfilling the requirements of major mining companies and other large corporates. As well as fleet management Northpoint provide total fleet maintenance solution.


Northpoint Fleet Management Overview Video

Learn how Northpoint can provide all aspects of fleet management, fleet reporting and In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) to all corporate fleets, mining fleets or SME businesses and provide fleet maintenance services anywhere in Australia.


The goals of our Fleet Management System are to provide and assist with:


  • Capital Reduction
  • Vehicle Life Extension
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Repair Cost Reduction
  • Administrative Cost Reduction
  • Resale Profit Maximisation
  • Research & Development – Continuous Improvement


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